Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saw 3D - More Blood, Gore and an 8 Track Tape

No, the player didn't just eat his tape,
he's super glued to the seat.
Watched Saw 3D last night. "The Final Chapter..." ...until next year when they come out with Saw 8. It was just like the other saw movies, entertaining, as long as you don't think too much about them.

But Saw 3D was a bit different in that Jigsaw, or one of his accomplices, recorded a message for one of his games on an 8 track tape. When the subject (this time a racist) awoke, he realized that he had been super-glued to his car seat. There was an 8 track in the player with his name on it that gave him instructions on how to make it through his test....which was that he had to pull himself off the seat to grab a lever, or his car would run over his girlfriend, pull a friend's arms off and then slam into another friend. No spoiler alert for the scene here, in case you haven't seen the movie, but I will say that even before the time runs out he's in a lot of pain.

Every time I watch a Saw film, I can't help but wonder how many recordings Jigsaw has made for people he wanted to be in his traps. He's been dead for awhile in the series, but tapes keep getting used.  And without even starting to think about the engineering marvels that his accomplices produce, I'd like to know what kind of filing system he has so that his minions don't get people mixed up. Heck in the scene with the 8 track, there were four people that had to be gathered up at the same time. Whatever system they use is effective though, you never hear the victim start screaming in denial when Jigsaw accuses them.

Anyway, Saw: The Final Chapter (Formerly Saw 3D), has an 8 track player and tape in it that works, sorta cool, would have been cooler with a 3D TV.

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