Saturday, February 12, 2011

New (The Only) 8 Track Museum to Open in Dallas

The world will no longer need to yearn for an 8 track tape museum. Monday is the scheduled opening of Bucks Burnett's Eight Track Museum in Dallas, Texas. But if you are thinking of waiting until the huge crowds die down, you'd better think twice, the museum won't be a permanent installation.

Burnett plans to display 500-1000 tapes from his collection of 3000 tapes, as well as some other early tape music formats and players. Burnett admits that he doesn't even listen to his 8 tracks, but says he wants to keep the format from dying. Seems a bit odd for someone who credits himself with single-handedly starting the 8 track tape collecting fad (is it really a fad?) by selling a Sex Pistols 8 track for a hundred bucks fifteen years ago. Burnett started his own 8 track recording label, sells T-shirts and merchandise in addition to charging $20 a head to view his little collection of 8 tracks. It's cool to see a museum dedicated to 8 tracks, but it would have been better if it had been done by a collector that really loved them and wasn't seemingly out to just make money. Someone like Tracker Bob (below).


  1. some of the info above is inaccurate. - bucks

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