Friday, February 11, 2011

The Most Valuable 8 Track - Sinatra Jobim

I've found lots of free 8 tracks at yard sales and routinely get them at thrift shops for a dime. Almost every church benefit rummage sale has a bunch that have been donated. But that doesn't mean they are worthless, and some of them can be quite valuable. Check out my 8 track price guide, it's a work in progress.

While most 8 tracks that are "valuable" are worth a couple of hundred bucks, tops, for super rare and desirable tapes, one tape at least has sales records to back up its $6000 valuation. That 8 track is pictured to the left.

The album is Sinatra Jobim on the Reprise label. It's a Frank Sinatra album featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim. The story goes something like this...only a few thousand copies of the 8 track were made and sent to retailers. Some sort of disagreement led to the record label cancelling sales of the album and even trying to pull them from stores. The album was not released on any other medium, so the few 8 tracks that are out there are all that exists of this album, aside from the acetate - if it exists.

Over the course of the past ten years, I've seen two of these, both of them on eBay. The one that sold highest fetched $4550 in pretty scuffed up condition. The other was right around the $4000 mark. Both were opened and used. I would expect a sealed version, if it existed, to sell for $6000. Most 8 track collectors wouldn't shell out six grand, but a diehard Sinatra addict would probably love to have the album.

But is this tape the most valuable ever? It's the highest priced 8 track that I've ever seen, by far. There could possibly be something out there that a collector or fan would pay more for, but right now there's nothing I've seen or can think of that would come close.


  1. A rare Sintra/Jobim 8 track tape (same as above) was posted on ebay May 11, 2013. Any comments regarding this rare tape is appreciated. Tape appears to be in excellent condition.

  2. I have an Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim 8 track in good condition can someone please tell me the value of it

  3. I have an Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim 8 track in good condition can someone please tell me the value of it

  4. Sinatra and Jobim recorded 2 albums. If you have an 8-track of the other album, it's not worth that much, plenty of copies were sold. As far as the music on the rare 8-track, it is easily accessible via a 2010 CD release, Sinatra/Jobim: The Complete Reprise Recordings. Only the physical format of the rare 8-track makes it valuable.

  5. I don't think this is worth more then the French copy of Pink Floyd Animals harvest 8 track 2C 346 98434 , I have the only copy i know of, there's only 2 search pages, none for sale, none ever sold on Discogs, I can't even find the value for it on any price guide either, not even listed in price guides. I'm about to start my own market with it, hopefully


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