Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Other Rare 8 Track Finds for January 2011

Led Zeppelin: Zoso (Sealed - Pictured at left) - $50
ZZ Top: Eliminator (Sealed) - $45
Tom Petty: Southern Accents - $42
The Cars: Greatest Hits - $41
Kiss: No Kissin Time - $41
The Runaways: Waitin' for the Night - $40
Duran Duran: Rio - $37
Blind Faith: Self-Titled - $34
AC/DC: Flick of the Switch - $32
Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks - $31
Paul McCartney: Wild Life - $31
Scorpions: Blackout (Pictured at left) - $30
Brian Adams: Reckless (Sealed) - $30
Scorpions: Sting - $30
Jimmy Hendrix & Curtis Knight: Flashing - $29
Vicky Leandros: Dreams are Good Friends - $29
ZZ Top: Afterburner $28
Yes: 90125 - $28
Soundtrack - Vision Quest Soundtrack - $28
Soundtrack - Smokey & the Bandit - $27
Prince: Around the World - $27
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon - $26

The prices are for those realized on eBay during January, 2011 for the stereo version of the tapes listed. The prices may not reflect actual selling or retail or wholesale prices....just what they did on eBay in January.


  1. Wish I put up for that Scorpions Blue Cart! Damn! Although I have Blackout on RCA 8-track! AND: two CRC copies of ZZTop - Eliminator, one CRC Tom Petty - Southern Accents, one CRC and one RCA Duran Duran - Rio, one CRC ACDC - Flick of the switch, one Canadian Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks WITH DOLBY!!! One CRC Brian Adams - Reckless, two RCA Scorpions - Love at First Sting, one CRC Yes - 90125, one CRC Prince - Around the World..... one RCA The Cars -Greatest Hits and one CRC too, which omits one song so that none are cut bettween programs!!! And the CRC cars tape sounds crisp and stunning!

  2. AND did I mention one MINT with SLEEVE UK QUAD copy of Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon!!! Fully discrete, unlike the US one! One of the most sought after and valuable 8-tracks in the world!! and one in the know knows what this is and why it is special...one of the rarest most sought after Pink Floyd items for that matter! Look it up there is a web page at Quadraphonicquad dedicated to it!!!


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