Valuable 8 Tracks

8 Track Values
Depending on who you talk to, 8 track tapes can range in value from worthless to legitimate collector's items many of which are worth roughly the same as vinyl records. It's my opinion that they're worth at least a buck a song on average. People pay a buck a piece for mp3's on iTunes and they paid about the same price for one sided 78 rpm shellac records 110 years ago. That isn't to say that every 8 track is going to cost you $8-15 everywhere, but that's a good retail price point.

Current Retail Prices:
Prices today are based largely on two things, scarcity and condition. Sure, you can find a beat Kenny Rogers cartridge at Goodwill for 49¢, but you'll make a hell of a lot of Goodwill runs before you find a quadraphonic Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Scarce carts are always going to demand some premium. For common stereo 8 track tapes, the price largely depends on the condition. Foam pads disintegrate, felt pads fall off, pinch rollers get gummy, tape gets wound too tight and sensing foil splices come unstuck. Approximately 95% of tapes that you'll find at yard sales, thrift shops, eBay etc. will need both new pads and a new sensing foil splice to play properly. This is a cheap fix, but it's tricky to do the repair once you've found the materials, so many people would rather just pay a bit more and have a tape that they know is going to work. The current prices for repaired tapes is in the $10-15 range regardless of title.

Quads are More Valuable:
Quadraphonic 8 track tapes have four channels, as opposed to the two on normal 8 tracks. This allowed left and right speakers to be placed in front of the listener and two more placed behind the speaker - think retro surround sound.  Quads were more expensive to make, more expensive to buy, required more expensive equipment and were produced for a much shorter time than normal 8 tracks....this makes them harder to find. Their scarcity and, well, general all around coolness makes them a bit more valuable as well.

8 Track Tape Price Guide:
Below is a list of some of the more valuable 8 tracks. I'll update the list from time to time, hopefully on a regular basis. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and probably never will be, but it is fun to see what some of these tapes bring. Another reference for prices on quadraphonic 8 tracks can be found on the Quadraphonicquad Shocker Log page, where they list all the quad recordings that sell for over $100 on eBay.


Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home (Sealed) - $66 (link)
Kraftwerk: Autobahn - $70 (link)
John Lennon / Yoko Ono: Unfinished Music No. 1, Two Virgins (link)

Kraftwerk: Ralph & Florian (Sealed) - $60
Bob Dylan & the Band: The Basement Tapes (Sealed) - $57
Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers (Import) - $50
Yma Sumac: Miracles - $45
Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request (Sealed) - $40
Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed (Sealed) - $40
Bob Dylan: Self-Portrait (Sealed) - $35
Bob Dylan: New Morning (Sealed) - $35
Beatles: Yellow Submarine (Sealed) - $31
Ramones: Road to Ruin - $30
Jimi Hendrix: Smash Hits (Sealed) - $30
Bob Dylan: Hard Rain (Sealed) - $30
John Lee Hooker: Untitled (Sealed) - $28
Various: Smokey and the Bandit Soundtrack - $25

ABC: The Lexicon of Love - $71
AC/DC: Flick of the Switch - $32
Bryan Adams: Cuts Like a Knife - $25
Brian Adams: Reckless (Sealed) - $30

Beach Boys: Surf's Up (Sealed) - $25Beatles: 1st Live Recordings, Live at Hamburg - $38
Beatles: The Best of the Beatles (Japan Import) - $1250
Beatles: White Album (2 Tape Box Set) - $45
Beatles: Yellow Submarine (Sealed) - $31
Black Sabbath: Self-Titled - $25
Blind Faith: Self-Titled - $34
David Bowie: Tonight  - $31

The Cars: Greatest Hits - $41
The Cars: Heartbeat City (Record Club) - $50

Def Leppard: Pyromania - $45
Duran Duran: Rio - $37
Bob Dylan & the Band: The Basement Tapes (Sealed) - $57
Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home (Sealed) - $66 (link)
Bob Dylan: Hard Rain (Sealed) - $30
Bob Dylan: New Morning (Sealed) - $35
Bob Dylan: Self-Portrait (Sealed) - $35


Foreigner: Agent Provocateur - $25
Funkadelic: Self-Titled (Sealed) - $27

Eddy Grant: Killer on the Rampage (Record Club) - $73

George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (2 Tape Box Set) - $27
Jimmy Hendrix & Curtis Knight: Flashing - $29
Jimi Hendrix: Smash Hits (Sealed) - $30
Hiltonaires: Beatles Hits in the Glenn Miller Sound (Quad) - $104
John Lee Hooker: Untitled (Sealed) - $28

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell (Sealed / Record Club) - $100
Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden - $175
Iron Maiden: Killers - $51 (link)

Michael Jackson: Bad (Record Club) - $153 (link)
Michael Jackson: Thriller (Record Club) - $510 (link)
Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene - $30

Kiss: Ace Frehley (Sealed) - $32
Kiss: Alive (Sealed) - $50
Kiss: Animalize (Record Club) - $123
Kiss: Dressed to Kiss (Sealed) - $25
Kiss: Kiss - $30
Kiss: No Kissin Time - $41
Kraftwerk: Autobahn (Sealed / Record Club) - $70 (link)
Kraftwerk: Ralph & Florian (Sealed) - $60
Kraftwerk: The Man Machine - $30

Cyndi Lauper: She's So Unusual (Record Club) - $50 (link)
Vicky Leandros: Dreams are Good Friends - $29
Led Zeppelin: Zoso (Sealed) - $50
John Lennon / Yoko Ono: Unfinished Music No. 1, Two Virgins (link)

Madonna: Like a Virgin (Record Club) - $70-100 (link)
Paul McCartney: Wild Life - $31
The Monkees: Best of the Monkees, 20th Anniversary - $55

Night Ranger: Midnight Madness (Sealed) - $50 (link)


Tom Petty: Southern Accents - $42
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon - $26
Prince: Around the World - $27
Quiet Riot: Metal Health (Record Club) - $61
Ramones: Road to Ruin - $30
Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music (Sealed / Quad) - $150
Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street (Sealed) - $80
Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street (UK) - $25
Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed (Sealed) - $40
Rolling Stones: Milestones (UK) - $25
Rolling Stones: Rock N' Rolling Stones (UK) - $25
Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers (Import) - $50
Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request (Sealed) - $40
The Runaways: Waitin' for the Night - $40

Peter Schickele: The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach (Quad) - $90

Scorpions: Blackout - $30
Scorpions: Sting - $30
Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks - $31
Sparks: A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing (Sealed) - $80
Sugarhill Gang: Self-Titled - $700
Frank Sinatra / Antonio Carlos Jobim: Sinatra Jobim - $4500-6000 (link)
Yma Sumac: Miracles - $45

Tammi Terrell: Irresistible (Sealed) - $25
Thin Lizzy: Self-Titled - $36

U2: Rattle and Hum (Sealed) - $300
Ultravox: Vienna - $207 (link)

Van Halen: 1984 (Record Club) - $50

Yes: 90125 - $28
Frank Zappa / Mother of Invention: Freak Out! - $62

ZZ Top: Afterburner - $28

ZZ Top: Eliminator (Sealed) - $45


Soundtrack - Vision Quest Soundtrack - $28
Soundtrack - Smokey & the Bandit - $27

Various Artists / Compilations
Various: American Graffiti Volume 1 - $26
Various: Smokey and the Bandit - $25
Various: Steppin Out, Disco's Greatest Hits - $41

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