Friday, February 11, 2011

Rare 8 Track Tape - Madonna: Like a Virgin

Madonna's Like a Virgin album on the Sire label. The one pictured was distributed through the RCA Music Service tape / record club. It's a pretty scarce album, released in 1984, near the end of the road for 8 track tapes.

A sealed copy recently sold on eBay for $71, but I've seen unsealed used copies fetch around $100. Values for 8 tracks are like anything, they go up and down and are affected by economic condition and scarcity.


  1. Indeed I find Madonna 8-track prices are like a rollercoaster, but they consistantly sell high. I have one, Like a Virgin (CRC) and two, True Blue (CRC)!!! Almost won Lets Dance three times now on Ebay...just always second ERRR, I still want to see, confirm, or one day own Her first self titled album!!!! It's practically a legend!

  2. Sorry correction, not "Lets Dance" I ment; You Can Dance (1987)......although I do have two David Bowie - Lets Dance 8-tracks too!


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