Naughty 8 Tracks

Like any music or recorded sound format, 8 track tapes have been used for, we'll say risqué recordings. And like records and cassette tapes, sometimes they have album covers that are not something you want to be looking at in church or have laying on your coffee table when Grandma comes to visit.

8 Track Porn Cartridges:
If you've ever heard an 8 track porno your first response was likely to be laughter, followed quickly with asking "who would listen to this." Never heard an 8 track porno? Well, we might post a clip to this page at some point, but for now picture watching the cheesiest 1970's adult film with the worst acting while blindfolded. Most of the 8 track porn that I've heard sounds like the actors are sitting around someone's living room taking turns reading a script into a microphone. Some of the tapes actually have sound effects that simulate actual sex. If you've ever watched an adult film and thought that the orgasmic sounds of the women were exaggerated, wait until you can't actually see why she might be screaming.

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